Alternative Medical Plans

Now Employer Groups, even small and medium with 30+ workers, have the ability to offer their employees affordable options for medical cover.

The traditional medical aids are under certain rules and regulations to provide comprehensively for a large number of illnesses. Although this is good for those who can afford it, many people just can’t and are left with no affordable medical aid options.

That was until legislation allowed for the new Medical Plans underwritten under a new category which allows a fair benefit for the reduced monthly contribution.

Day to Day benefit Plans from as little as R273 Main member, R201 Spouse, R130 child and

Hospital Plans R145 Main member, R94 Spouse, R27 child.

These plans combined cover a great deal which include hospital visits and medical visits like doctors, optometry and dentists, chronic medication and a whole list..

Get in touch and we will send you the full workers group brochure.

  • GP in room procedures Minor medical procedures
  • Acute Medication Unlimited when provided in accordance with network prescribed formulary
  • Chronic Medication 24 Chronic conditions covered
  • Basic Pathology Basic blood tests as requested by Network GP, according to protocols
  • Basic Radiology Black and white x-rays as requested by Network GP, according to protocols
  • Basic Dentistry
  • Basic dentistry such as fillings, extractions, infection control, cleaning and polishing. Covered at any dentist on the network.
  • Basic Optometry
  • 1 Eye test and 1 pair of clear standard single vision lenses with a standard frame. Benefit available every two years. Covered at any optometrist on the network.
  • Maternity 1 first trimester and 1 second trimester growth scan per pregnancy
  • Flu Vaccination 1 Flu vaccination per member per year at an approved pharmacy clinic
  • Funeral Cover Up to R10 000 funeral cover per family
  • Emergency Casualty Up to R2 000 per policy, per year
  • Accident Hospitalisation
  • Single member : Up to R75 000 per event. Overall Annual Limit of R150 000.
  • Families : Up to R150 000 per event. Overall Annual Limit of R300 000.
  • Illness Hospitalisation
  • 1st 24 hours: Up to R6 500
  • Day 2 and 3: Up to R4 500 per day
  • Subsequent: Up to R1 500 per day
  • Maximum 21 days total admission
  • Maternity Hospitalisation
  • Up to R25 000 per natural delivery or R35 000 is a C-section is required
  • Limited to one event every 12 months
  • ICU/High care
  • Up to R12 500 per day
  • Maximum 5 days

The fixed yearly return with the Discovery Enhanced Yield Fund

Discovery Invest has launched a structured product which might yield great returns for investors.

The Discovery Enhanced Yield Fund is designed to give you a high fixed return of 15%* in flat or positive markets.

How the Discovery Enhanced Yield Fund works

The Discovery Enhanced Yield Fund is available on the lump-sum Discovery Core Flexible Investment Plan and is only open from 18 June to 24 July 2018. With a minimum investment of R50 000, you will get a fixed return of 15%* if the FTSE 100 index shows flat or positive returns on the Discovery Enhanced Yield Fund’s first anniversary.

If the FTSE 100 index shows a negative return on the first anniversary, we will reinvest the funds for another year and increase your returns by another 15%*. The total will then be paid at the end of the second year if the FTSE 100 index return is flat or positive since inception.

We will continue to reinvest the funds and add 15%* to the returns each year until the FTSE 100 index provides a flat or positive return since the Fund’s inception. This will continue for up to five years.

Protect your capital in negative markets

In addition, the Discovery Enhanced Yield Fund offers you downside capital protection*. If the FTSE 100 index return is negative at the end of each of the years in the five-year period, we will provide full capital protection* at the end of the five-year period, if the FTSE 100 index has not fallen by more than 40% at any stage over the five years.

However, this capital protection* falls away if the FTSE 100 index fell by more than 40% at any stage over the five–year period. In this case, you will receive the return of the FTSE 100 index at the end of the five-year period if negative.

Please consult your financial adviser to get more comprehensive information on the Enhanced Yield Fund.

*The fixed return and capital protection is before the deduction of fees, such as Discovery administration fees, initial and ongoing financial adviser fees, withdrawal fees and tax, if applicable.

The above information should not be taken as financial advice. For tailored financial advice, please contact your financial adviser.

Discovery Life Investment Services Pty (Ltd): Registration number 2007/005969/07, branded as Discovery Invest, is an authorised financial services provider. Product rules, terms and conditions apply

ABSA’s new logo

Barclays Africa institution is getting a revamp, finishing Barclays %’s one hundred-yr records at the continent.

The lender on Wednesday ditches the name of its former discern to revert to Absa organization after the British bank sold down the controlling stake it offered in 2005. The Johannesburg-based totally employer has already begun reorganising its operations to further distance itself from the UK company, which itself is overhauling its investment financial institution to boost returns.

Absa chief government officer Maria Ramos, 59, in April refocused the lender round 4 divisions — retail and business banking, corporate and funding banking, relaxation of Africa and wealth management and insurance — in a bid to double its percentage of sales from its 10 operations in Africa and regain marketplace percentage within the South African retail marketplace. The restructuring started out with halving the wide variety of executives on the retail and business banking unit ultimate month.

examine: Absa reorganises retail financial institution’s structure to trim pinnacle jobs

“Barclays has been a totally huge logo in Africa, now not in South Africa necessarily, but inside the relaxation of Africa,” stated Adrian Cloete, a portfolio supervisor at PSG Wealth. “that means they’re going to have to spend extra on their emblem after the logo returned to Absa.”

Ramos isn’t going empty surpassed after negotiating 765 million pounds sterling ($1 billion) from Barclays for the investments wanted in era, rebranding and different separation-related expenses.

in the week leading up to the relaunch of the enterprise’s logo, social media channels flashed teasers of a brand new look and sense that deviates only slightly from the brand’s signature pink hue. It has additionally communicated the approaching trade with customers in its operations outside of South Africa, where it retains the authority to apply the Barclays emblem for two years.

The financial institution’s website relaunched on Wednesday with a sparkling brand.


ABSA New logo

At domestic, in which the Absa brand by no means virtually left, the transition can be easier. Absa’s call is presently SA’s fourth maximum-treasured logo and is predicted by way of brand Finance to be worth 18.8 billion rand.

greater than the brand relaunch, it is going to be the employer’s capacity to fulfill its ambition to retake its as soon as-main marketplace position amongst South African customers that investors might be looking carefully, Cloete stated.

Tax and your fuel – Fuel levy

Most people do not know, but about 60% of your fuel price is not for the fuels cost. Most of it goes to pay tax (Fuel Levy), the Road Accident Fund and the various players in storing, wholesaling and retailing petrol.

As of April the makeup of the cost of petrol (as reported by the Automobile Association) is as shown in the table below.

Notes to the table:

    1. The difference between the two sets of prices is the cost of transport (34 cents per litre) to get fuel from the coast to inland.
    2. The Fuel Levy is a general tax and is part of Government taxes. It will contribute R77.5 billion to taxes in 2018/2019.
    3. The RAF is to compensate those injured in road accidents. RAF will raise R41.2 billion in 2018/2019.
    4. Storage, margin and distribution is mainly the fee paid to wholesalers and service stations.

If you want to see how this effects you on a daily basis, take a look here:

Here’s how the new fuel levy will hurt you at the pumps

Buy March Sell November

Today we discuss another solution to our aim of increasing our money twice as much each year.

In order to double your money, you will have to make some effort in planning and engage in action with some marketing and sales skills.

Buying in March and selling in November is another way you can double your money, or some of your money.

The idée is to buy an asset at half price and trade it at double the price or market value. This might seems exuberant at first but there are many products and assets you can purchase at half price.

The secret is to buy when people are eager to sell and sell when people are eager to buy. In March people are seriously recovering from their realities of December/January holidays and money are in short supply.

The flip of the coin happens at the end of the year when excitement and bonuses drive sales, but of course you can advertise anytime.

There are various assets and will depend on your personal skills.

You can consider buying from online adverts to auctions and wholesalers.

The following is a short list of ideas you can consider:

  • Books
  • Tickets
  • Bicycles
  • Cars
  • Watches
  • Property
  • Holiday Accommodation

Investing your money in the bank for 7% growth to keep up with inflation is the minimum and without much risk, however if you acquire some skills and are willing to risk some of your money, you can in fact double your money.

Take note that you should consider the amount of money you are willing to risk vs your skills and time. Take your time and start small. Greed is one of the largest reasons people loose moeny.

This is my third post on how you can double your money. Let us know your ideas on how you would be able to double your money?