Alternative Medical Plans

Now Employer Groups, even small and medium with 30+ workers, have the ability to offer their employees affordable options for medical cover.

The traditional medical aids are under certain rules and regulations to provide comprehensively for a large number of illnesses. Although this is good for those who can afford it, many people just can’t and are left with no affordable medical aid options.

That was until legislation allowed for the new Medical Plans underwritten under a new category which allows a fair benefit for the reduced monthly contribution.

Day to Day benefit Plans from as little as R273 Main member, R201 Spouse, R130 child and

Hospital Plans R145 Main member, R94 Spouse, R27 child.

These plans combined cover a great deal which include hospital visits and medical visits like doctors, optometry and dentists, chronic medication and a whole list..

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  • GP in room procedures Minor medical procedures
  • Acute Medication Unlimited when provided in accordance with network prescribed formulary
  • Chronic Medication 24 Chronic conditions covered
  • Basic Pathology Basic blood tests as requested by Network GP, according to protocols
  • Basic Radiology Black and white x-rays as requested by Network GP, according to protocols
  • Basic Dentistry
  • Basic dentistry such as fillings, extractions, infection control, cleaning and polishing. Covered at any dentist on the network.
  • Basic Optometry
  • 1 Eye test and 1 pair of clear standard single vision lenses with a standard frame. Benefit available every two years. Covered at any optometrist on the network.
  • Maternity 1 first trimester and 1 second trimester growth scan per pregnancy
  • Flu Vaccination 1 Flu vaccination per member per year at an approved pharmacy clinic
  • Funeral Cover Up to R10 000 funeral cover per family
  • Emergency Casualty Up to R2 000 per policy, per year
  • Accident Hospitalisation
  • Single member : Up to R75 000 per event. Overall Annual Limit of R150 000.
  • Families : Up to R150 000 per event. Overall Annual Limit of R300 000.
  • Illness Hospitalisation
  • 1st 24 hours: Up to R6 500
  • Day 2 and 3: Up to R4 500 per day
  • Subsequent: Up to R1 500 per day
  • Maximum 21 days total admission
  • Maternity Hospitalisation
  • Up to R25 000 per natural delivery or R35 000 is a C-section is required
  • Limited to one event every 12 months
  • ICU/High care
  • Up to R12 500 per day
  • Maximum 5 days

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