Commercial Property Finance

The Fedgroup Commercial Property Finance offering is based on three features that make our approach unique: competitive rates, flexible terms and the personal touch.

Competitive Rates

Fedgroup’s rates are highly competitive so why not give us a call. In addition, Fedgroup’s premium for fixing your interest rate is unrivalled in the South African market.

Flexible Terms

Our minimum contract period is five years. This affords you the flexibility to renegotiate the terms of your commercial property bond agreement every five years.

The personal touch

Fedgroup’s head of Commercial Property Finance meets personally with prospective property owners a loan decision is provided in principle within 48 hours.

Contact Fedgroup Commercial Property Finance today to find out more about our unrivalled interest rates and turnaround times.

How to apply for a commercial property loan

  1. Approach Fedgroup with a property in South Africa that you wish to finance

  2. Fedgroup expresses interest

  3. Complete the easy-to-use application form

  4. Fedgroup assesses the value of the property

  5. Credit risk assessment is completed

  6. Approval in principle is given within 48 hours after site inspection

  7. Terms of loan agreed to in principle

  8. Full valuation is performed

  9. Loan agreements are signed

  10. Guarantees are issued where necessary

  11. Conveyancing commences and the bond is registered

  12. Funds are transferred

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