Financial Sweet Potato

You may have thought it impossible to double your money every year and you may be right, however you will find it possible to double some of your money every year.

Every summer grows a root with one of the highest vitamin C of edible foods, the sweet potato. I took a sweet potato and grew a few stems on my table.

At the time I was letting my mind go to an idee of doubling my money every year. It occur to me that the simple sweet potato yields much greater than just one or two.

I already had a sweet potato that started growing little stems in a dark corner, so I planted the sweet potato in a bucket mixed with sand and grass. Needless to say, after a few months of nurturing my yield was amazing.

My five bucks sweet potato yielded 10X. The time it took me to plant and water was simply time I would have spend in leasure and researching a few youtube growing methods was also fun.

Can you double your R500 000k every year? The answer is:” It’s up to you”

We will cover a few more ways, but looking forward to your idees.



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